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Who are these bastards?

This is a great place to add a tagline.

QUEUE DONT SKIP is about two amigos, Annie & Gustavo, documenting their personal escapades  in culturally diversified communities. Both are monoprogs, first generation immigrants and are actively engaged in their own business' within the hospitality and property industry. Despite having independent lifestyles, both are always motivated to unite at unorthodox times to trial or indulge in new areas, guided by their shared interests, attitudes and beliefs.


They want to uncover as many layers  as they can about food, fashion and travel related topics. They want to marinate themselves in all of its glory and obscurities. And they are passionate about SHARING their unique experiences with the rest of the world.  


Annie & Gustavo want to make an impact in this world. The duo hope to inspire self-expression and empower individuality through their imagery and writing. And they are not afraid to flex their challenges and growing pains as they believe these attributes are valuable to their personal growth, and a driving force for others. In saying that, QUEUE DONT SKIP is not just a creative outlet for two people, but an evolving and connective platform for the community to thrive in too.

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